NIIF Investments

Abell Foundation and NIIF Join to Support New Small Business Lending Fund in Baltimore

Arctaris Impact Investors, LLC (Arctaris) has announced the launch of Arctaris Baltimore, a $25 million business lending fund to invest in Baltimore’s neighborhoods, in partnership with The Abell Foundation and Neighborhood Impact Investment Fund (NIIF).

To catalyze the new initiative, the Abell Foundation committed $4M in capital to Arctaris Baltimore, and NIIF has committed an additional $1M. These funds will be supplemented by a 5.0x match of senior debt from other impact investments to support a total $25 million commitment to Baltimore. The NIIF funds, as well as related senior debt, must be invested within NIIF’s Eligible Impact Investment areas. In this way, NIIF participation adds scale to the program and, as importantly, ensures that it will focus on disinvested communities that most need the support.