A Partnership for Baltimore’s Neighborhoods

NIIF is an innovative public-private partnership that provides powerful tools to deliver capital to benefit historically disinvested neighborhoods in Baltimore.

The Fund is an independent 501(c)(3) organization working in alignment with the City to promote community development and enhance inclusive economic growth in our neighborhoods. Capitalized by a $51.7 million loan from the City, NIIF is working to leverage additional support and investment from philanthropies, financial institutions and mission investors. NIIF has a defined set of Eligible Neighborhoods where it can deploy capital that have been set by the City.

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NIIF is guided by a 13-member Board of Directors, ten of whom are independent and three who are representatives of City government.  The Board and management team have extensive expertise in impact investing, private and non-profit lending, investment and real estate development.  

In working to advance inclusive neighborhood development, NIIF seeks to collaborate and support the efforts of community-based partners, City and State government, CDFIs, foundations and others who are working to further neighborhoods. NIIF will work with these stakeholders, leveraging their efforts to support housing, commercial development, community facilities and business activity to promote stability and growth, enhance wealth and improve quality of life in neighborhoods that have long been ignored. NIIF seeks to provide patient, flexible capital in order to catalyze other investment, move transformative projects forward, support small business and build on the successes of core, existing assets.

Why a Neighborhood Impact Investment Fund?

While our state is among the richest in the nation and certain areas of Baltimore City have seen significant new private investment in recent years, far too many of the City’s neighborhoods continue to struggle with poverty, a history of segregation and racial discrimination and continued disinvestment.  There is an urgent need for more affordable housing and other community resources, and to galvanize equitable, inclusive growth in order to create communities where all of our residents can thrive

Recognizing that Baltimore’s neighborhoods are its greatest assets, the Mayor and City Council have made neighborhood revitalization and restoring capital flow to these communities a top priority. New tools such as the Affordable Housing Trust Fund and Community Catalyst Grants are providing direct public support, while incentives such as the Opportunity Zone tax credit seek to make investment more attractive. NIIF complements these tools with flexible capital that can fill gaps and support transformative community development initiatives, and an independent, 501(c)(3) structure that can harness outside support from lenders, investors and donors alike.