Eligible Neighborhoods

NIIF invests in the neighborhoods shown below, which have been defined by Baltimore City pursuant to the financing agreement that served to initially capitalize the Fund. These Eligible Neighborhoods represent roughly 65% of Baltimore City.

Within the Eligible Neighborhoods, the City has also designated four Impact Investment Neighborhoods for NIIF in alignment with DHCD’s Community Development Framework. These neighborhood clusters are strategically located near anchor institutions and emerging areas of momentum.  They offer near term opportunities for inclusive, sustainable growth supported by a comprehensive multi-agency City strategy and major public investment.  NIIF seeks to work in synergy with the City, local community organizations, and other stakeholders to support investment and equitable growth in these Impact Investment Neighborhoods, as well as to support transformational opportunities across all Eligible Neighborhoods.

Is My Project Eligible?

Use the searchable map below to see if your project is eligible for NIIF financing.

You can adjust the map layers to see if the project is in a federally-designated Opportunity Zone.