NIIF Investments

$1.4 Million to Support Strategic Acquisition in Broadway East

In August 2020, NIIF extended a $1.4 million acquisition / bridge loan to the Mary Harvin Transformation Center, an affiliate of Southern Baptist Church, to support the acquisition of property for the future development of Southern Village I, a proposed mixed-use affordable housing project to be built at 1808 – 1838 N. Patterson Park Avenue. The property is a key strategic site in the Broadway East community located near the confluence of two major corridors at North Avenue and Gay Streets. A portion of NIIF’s loan is bridging a $350,000 commitment from the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development.

​Currently the site is comprised of vacant land and industrial buildings.  The proposed development would not only eliminate blight and create affordable housing, but also facilitate retail and community services amenities for residents in Broadway East. 

​“The Southern Village I will be a major catalyst project in the East Baltimore Revitalization Plan that will further actualize the Mary Harvin Center’s vision of restoring people as we rebuild properties,” said Bishop Donte Hickman, Pastor of the Southern Baptist Church.  “Taking control of this critical site is another key step in realizing our vision of providing the community with a quality environment in which to live, work, and worship,” Hickman explained.