Michael Pokorny

For nearly 20 years, Michael has been at the intersection of economic and community development and finance. He brings a unique viewpoint on funding strategies for a broad range of project types and organizations. His experience is focused on the partnerships and strategies of government, philanthropy and market sources.

Michael is an affordable housing and community development professional, serving as senior underwriter and market leader for a national Community Development Financial Institution before starting his current role at Cap Ex Advisory Group. His experience with tax credits, public finance, subsidy programs, grants and the demands of market-driven debt solutions enables him to advise clients across a broad range of solutions.

Prior to spending six years at the Reinvestment Fund, Michael led one of Baltimore’s largest TIF approval processes on behalf of a private developer and led implementation of public and affordable housing solutions at the City of Baltimore after the Great Recession. He continues to lead boards of local community development organizations in Baltimore.